ecos. restos.

When a real and strong affection has come to and end, it is not well to mock the sacred past with any show of those commonplace civilities that belong to ordinary intercourse. (…) There could be no propriety in our chilling one another with the touch of two corpse-like hands, or playing at looks of courtesy with eyes that were impenetrable beneath the glaze and the film. We passed, therefore, as if mutually invisible. 

The Blithedale Romance

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Anónimo dijo...

Nice...and sigh-causing!

You know, I never thought I would ever like Hawthorne!

Love you Princess!


-fridrik- dijo...

Lindo fragmento greta,

qué tema el de las strong affections coming to ends.



Lu dijo...

¡es re lindo ese fragmento ! usted no me copia, no diga eso che, me encanta su blog y las cosas que escribis, tu visión del mundo, re lindo, si puedo el viernes voy a la muestra de devenir (era el viernes? ay no me quiero equivocarr) en 17 y 71 :) un abrazo enorme, enorrrme